Were Getting Married!!

14 Aug

so where was I this sunny saturday? out with friends at the beach? enjoying an icecream cone? catching a new movie?


I was in my room, sleeping the afternoon away out of misery and depression. What was i going to do? alone, pregnant and with a career now on the line? I just wanted to cover my face with my pillow and never wake up.

A few hours later i woke up to a text from my bf. He was in New York, and was offered a record deal by some of the most influential people in the music industry. Of course i was really excited for him. Hes been wanting this for so long and its finally happening! We were so excited and happy! Then he asked me to marry him again…

I told him Id only marry him on the condition that we’d do it right away, since i cant trust that he wont break things off. “Lets do it then!” He said excitedly. “As soon as i get back from the grammys we’ll get married!” He told me he loved me and realized he wanted to marry me when he got to New York, and all he could think of was me. That was his “aha” moment where he knew I was “the one” for him. He asked what was mine. “Mine happened a long time ago” i said, “starting with every break up we had, It hurt worse like hell and thats when I knew.” wow…I know, Im so romantic right? but I guess you dont realize how much you really love somebody until youre about to lose them…and I think thats what happened to him too.

We agreed to do a Vegas wedding when he comes back. Im still going to buy a really pretty wedding dress though, with the crown and veil 🙂 Im so excited! I love him so much. We stayed up talking on the phone for hours till the sun came up. He was so excited about everything that was happening to him and he gave me alot of credit for it. He said I believed in him and that i didnt realize how important I am to him. *awww [‘:

I think he loves me so much though because he knows I was with him before the success. He knows I would be there with him if he was rich or poor.

Well life looks different now…a wedding, a baby and a music career??! all in one? at the same time? Im finding myself dancing in my car to maxine nightengales “right back where we started from.” Im just so happy! I love my life right now.

for the first time in a long time, i feel like I have a reason to look up, smile at the sun, and dance. I will have a precious baby, who will have both parents, and ill get to take care of it instead of paying a neighbor to watch him/her.

So I guess this little baby in my tummy will be having a daddy 🙂  I still cant beleive im pregnant though! Im seriiiiiiious…I feel like “what is this bump on my stomach? is it a tumor??” I just cannot understand that a baby would be forming inside me O_0 ! I told my bf/fiance, when i have the baby im gonna be like, “WHoa! where did yOU come from??!” I just cant beleive it….

Oh boy…I wonder whats next in my life. Im almost afraid to take a peek but for now I am so happy and I want to enjoy this feeling 🙂


2 Responses to “Were Getting Married!!”

  1. Nora MacThomáis (@NoraMacThomais) August 20, 2012 at 1:11 pm #

    You know the Grammys are in February, right???

    • thinkingpink123 August 20, 2012 at 3:41 pm #

      Um….Yea ur right. I just checked with my fiance. and BUMMER!!! I cant beleive im not more on top of these things! I was thinking it was at the end of this month!! so i just texted him and im freaking OUT because the BABY will be born in february, not to mention he wants to marry me after the grammys when i either look like a WHALE or a deflated balloon???? OH GOD help me…im gonna pass out.

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