I told my boss I’m pregnant…and he didnt fire me!

18 Aug

So….I finnally did it.

God was it hard. I felt like my heart was going to explode and jump out of me, running for its dear life. I kept thinking of postponing it but being the brave girl I am, I got up and walked over to my boss and his wife (who is my manager) and asked if i could speak with them before they left for the day. My boss calmly said “sure” as he looked up from his cell phone. It was the end of the day and he was relaxed in a chair, with one leg over the other, looking at his text messages.

It was the perfect time and he seemed to be in a good mood unlike the day before when all chaos broke in the office and we were all stressed beyond relief. phone lines were ringing, clients kept coming in, and the demand was almost more than what we could supply. I guess thats what happens when a new law passes and everyone is eager to get a slice of the pie.

But today was more normal again. THANK GOD.

Still, i had made up my mind that i would quit. I mean it just wasnt fair to my boss to train me and take my newbie mistakes for a few months only so he would have to train someone else all over again. He and his wife were so good to me, and I just felt like I couldnt do that to them. I would quit voluntarily. I couldn’t help feeling sad though, because for the first time in my life, I finnally found a job i liked, and everyone i work with is great—I mean, that is really rare! especially in my expereince of the past 27 jobs I’ve had! Beleive me i know horrible bosses haha…and evil co-workers!

Once in his office, I looked at my boss and then my manager and said, “I wanted to wait until you were both here, so i could tell you both together.” (my manager had gone to Korea for the past few weeks)

Then I said it.

“Im pregnant.”

I looked down, and swallowed hard, preparing my next line, but felt something stuck in my throat.

“Thats GREAT! Congratulations!” My boss exclaimed before i could say anything else.

I looked up confused, then I shook my head and looked down again, fighting back tears. “No….Its not so great for me,” I said in complete anguish.

“why not?” He asked.

“Because…Im pregnant!” I cried, “and you gave me such a great opportunity here and now i cant take advantage of it, because ill be having a baby soon. And I just dont think its fair to you.”

“So?? You’ll work here a little longer until youre ready to leave-you just wont get maternity leave because you havent worked here long enough, but you’ll have the baby-meanwhile we’ll hire someone to replace you until you come back. Im sure you plan on working some time after the baby is born right? so when youre ready you can come back and have youre job waiting here.”

I looked up with teary eyes. “really??”

“Yeah,” he nodded, “Were not gonna fire you because youre pregnant!” He smiled at me and then added, “This is expected when we hire people. I mean people have babies! and were all a family here, so we want you to have a healthy pregnancy, ten toes and ten fingers.” He then asked if I had insurance, If I knew the gender and congratulated me again at the end. His wife sitting next to me just nodded and smiled.

“Thank you so much. I didnt expect youd be so understanding. I really appreaciate it,” I said. As i walked out of their office I felt such a relief! WOW. well that went better than the nightmare I had seen in my head.

After work I bought my first set of maternity clothes–my very first maternity skinny jeans. wow I never thought Id ever wear those. But I will promise you one thing: I will make this pregnancy look as fashionable as possible. I

My now fiance is still in New York. I miss him so much. He was debating which record label to sign for, and had a meeting with both yesterday. He said the meeting was succesful but I havent asked him who he signed with yet. His life has been a whirlwind since he got to NY. Hes either in meetings, recording songs or training with Michael Jacksons vocal coach. He told me he would call me tonight though, after his vocal lessons. I cant wait to hear all about his crazy life over there. Hes completely stoked. Its surreal for both of us. Honestly I dont know if I would go back to work after having my baby. I mean my life is so crazy I dont know whats going to happen.

My fiance might be the next super star and Ill live in a mansion… or he might decide to come home and work in the oil fields and we’ll just have an average american life. The coin can toss either way, so for now, Im keeping my job and learning as much as I can because for all I know, I could be going back to work after the baby is born.

At least now I can I flaunt my baby bump at work and not stress over it anymore! PHEW!



3 Responses to “I told my boss I’m pregnant…and he didnt fire me!”

  1. coconutspeak August 20, 2012 at 4:24 am #

    God bless your boss and manager!! I’m in absolute tears of joy right now. I’m sending out a big cyber hug and kiss to all 4 of you!

  2. coconutspeak August 20, 2012 at 6:48 am #

    By the way, in the Mexican culture, there is nothing sexier than a pregnant woman. Cherish every life-giving curve you get, girl! There are woman who pay big bucks to curves like that!

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