3 months pregnant!!!

19 Aug

So i am now 3 months pregnant, But its just so weird to me still. I seriously dont beleive it! A baby is inside my stomach?? Im as startled as a 5 year old! Sometimes I lay in bed with my hand over my lower abdomen, and I wonder who is the little person inside of me. is it a boy or a girl? What will it be like? Whats its personality going to be like? Will it have nice teeth like its daddy? Will it be darker like its daddy or really light like me? Will it be healthy and strong? I guess these are normal questions most pregnant women wonder about I suppose.

Heres a couple of things Ive been doing recently:

I started using DIAL bar soap to wash my face with to get rid of pregnancy acne and its working! I read about it online from other pregnant women. I was starting to really get upset with my face but thank god this stuff really works.

Ive also starting drinking alkaline water that i get from my health food store. I feel better knowing Im drinking good water for me and the baby.

I think I might buy one of those anti-radiation stickers for my cellphone.

Im also going to buy some more herb capsules from my vitamin and herb specialist. Theyre called “herbal trace minerals” from natures sunshine. It has kelp in it and also regulates the glands, which is vital for a good pregnancy since from what ive read, a hormone balanced pregnancy is an easy happy pregnancy. I want to ensure my hormones are balanced.

When Im 5 weeks away from giving birth I will buy the “5-W” from natures sunshine. These herbal capsules help with an easy and fast labor. God knows I do not want to be in labor for 48 hours with horrible pain! So this gives me peace of mind. By the way everything I know, I read about it online or in a book lol…otherwise I really would be tottally lost!

It seems im the only one in my facebook group of pregnant women who isnt nauseous, sick, throwing up or super tired. I feel GREAT!–Which I credit to the herbs and vitamins I take and all the other healthy things I do. but i keep that to myself. I dont think they like me very much as it is, after the picture incident :/ My neighbor says theyre jealous of me and to not post any pictures of myself on there. I really cant beleive girls could be that catty. Geez Louise. I fail to beleive my neighbor but in all honesty i really do love WordPress so much more.

I also bought coconut oil to do “mouth pulling.” (Its to increase your overall health) Basically what youre supposed to do is swish it around in your mouth for 20 minutes every day. I have it sitting on my dresser lol but ive been lazy. Im gonna start doing it though.

Im also thinking of buying a supplement of RAW probiotics from “garden of life” but I have to check that its ok for pregnant women first. Its great stuff though!

I also ordered two books off AMAZON and I bought two at my health food store. the two from Amazon are “what to expect when your expecting *4th edition” and “Dr greenes perfect hormone balance for pregnancy”. from my health food store i bought “what to expect the first year” and “the child bearing year” (its a book for midwifes with all the herbs for fertility boosters, herbs for avoiding a miscarriage, pregnancy and labor easing.)

I figure since Im all alone in this, I better READ UP lol! ;P

I still havent told anyone in my family. their jaws are gonna DROP im telling you….I told myself I would wait till im 5 months before telling my mom. Lets see if I can wait that long.

Its funny because Im 26 years old but everyone says I look 18, and honestly I do feel 18! I feel scared and alone and I wish I had a family who could help me. I know when it comes to work Im proffesional and mature, but inside theres that little girl who wants to know itll all be ok. Its just so hard not being able to rely on your family and having no friends.

I cant ever go back home…My dad is a very abusive person. Thats why i had to move out. since I dont talk to him (because everytime i did he just put me down and made me feel worthless) He doesnt want my little brother (who i adore) or my mom talking to me, much less hanging out with me. If they call me, it has to be without him knowing, and seeing me is off limits. My mom wont even attempt it because she says he finds everything out. And if he found out she saw me behind his back, shed be in deep trouble.

So anyway that makes it hard (or impossible) to ever be able to count on my family’s support in time of need. I wish I had a normal family sometimes. I want to make sure my baby is loved and knows that the doors to my house will always be open. I mean what is family for right? family means love. unfortunately that wasnt my experience growing up. But things can always be diffrent for my little one.

I talked to my fiance last night. His music career is really taking off. I cant say much anymore because its confidential, but hes going to be really busy for a while. I was looking forward to spending a whole week with him when he comes back to California, but now he says he’ll only be here one night perhaps. I started sobbing, and cried out “Just ONE night??” I couldnt help it. I miss him, and I was looking forward to getting dressed up and going on a few dates together. He told me I had to be strong. He said hes “doing this for me and the baby, for our future”. I sniffled and tried to cheer up. “I will baby. Its just hard, but ill be strong. Im sorry for crying,” I said. “Its okay to cry,” he said soothingly, “It just shows how much you love me.”

I love how tender he is with me. I know he’ll be a good daddy. I cant wait till were in the hospital and hes holding my hand, minutes away from seeing our child be born into the world. It will be the most exciting day ever.


4 Responses to “3 months pregnant!!!”

  1. shesinhertwenties August 20, 2012 at 4:31 am #

    I’m sorry about you not having any family support, that has to be really rough. Luckily for me my dad is not that abusive but I think that my grandmother would disown me if I were to get pregnant now, before marriage.

    I wish your fiancee luck with his music career, pursuing a career in music can be really tough. What kind of musician is he?

    • thinkingpink123 August 20, 2012 at 5:33 am #

      Thank u so much 🙂 my fiance is actually pretty lucky when it comes to his music career–a couple of music labels are wanting to sign him and his dilema is picking which one, so hes pretty blessed. Hes an R&B singer but I cant say much else or he’ll disown me haha.

  2. mommacrys August 21, 2012 at 1:59 am #

    wow you sound so much like me!!! I also wonder what my baby will look like, im mixed, and my fiance is black (dark skin) so there is really no telling as to what my child will look like!!! Also my fiance pursues music as well, he aspires to be a rapper and he is actually very good. I think he could go really far if his manager makes sure to guide him in the right directions promotion wise. Anyways good luck with everything and ill be sure to follow your blog! this is my first time being pregnant as well!

    • thinkingpink123 August 21, 2012 at 3:21 am #

      lol whaaat? haha…wow we doooo sound like each other 😛 !!

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