Mexicans Have It Harder

29 Aug

Yes my life is hard sometimes.

But you know what? Some people have it worse.

And some have it BETTER! (I hate you whoever you are! lol just kidding)

Honestly though…I see first hand, just how bad other peoples lives are. I work for an immigration law firm, and everyday I see cases where parents come in looking for help because theyre son just got arrested, is about to be deported to mexico and they cant afford to pay bail. They look so grief stricken, its sad. Who would want to be in their shoes? OR the mom who got detained for talking on her cellphone while driving and is now in custody and about to be put on a plane back to mexico and her kids will more than likely be put in a foster home because she was the only parent. What about the guy who gets stopped by a cop for having a “crack” on his headlight, so he stops and checks for an ID purposely knowing he wont have one.

MEXICANS. Some people might say they have no business being here, but then they are people too, just looking for a better life. I mean honestly…who would want to live in mexico right now? with all its drug-cartel violence and poverty–what kind of life is that for a family? And I understand some people dont like mexicans but even though they may not be the most educated, and some may not be the cleanest, They still are some of the most hard working people Ive ever seen and most of them just want to follow the law and live a decent life.

If anything, there is poor, uneducated people in every race which is what some people fail to admit to.

Just imagine…being THEM. being born in a horrible country with no hope for a better future. risking it all, even your life, just at a chance to be somewhat happy. knowing alot of people die trying to cross the border. Then by luck, you make it. You work in the only job available to you: The fields. You wake up before the sun comes up. You put on your long sleeved shirt, pants, boots and a good brim hat with bandanna to cover your face and neck from the sun.  NOW. tell me which one of you wants to go out in the BLAZING SUN in that outfit?? And which one of you wants to pick fruits or vegetables all day long in the hot sun? Not very many Im sure, because there arent many other people working in the fields…except. guess who? Mexicans. They take what you give them, They work hard, and they STILL try to smile about it. They dont have a fancy office with a shiny desk and AC blowing at their faces keeping them cool. They dont drive a Mercedes Benz. But they have carne asadas and poker matches, dancing, and family togetherness. They find a way to be happy about their life. Even when they know that at any moment they can be deported back to the hell hole where they came from. At any moment they can be stopped for any reason…simply for looking ‘mexican’. They dont have a chance at their dreams like everyone else. Their life is centered on those fields, working hard, and growing a family. Others work as maids their whole lives, taking care of other children just to feed their own. How would you feel if you had no other choice in life? and yet…they find reason to smile on those sunny afternoons when they grill meat, onions, and tortillas. They laugh and tell jokes despite the bad fortune of their life.

I remember the guy who called me saying he was wrongly being accused by the government for back-paying child support. “But i dont owe child support!” he cried out. “I dont even have children! I was using someones else social security and THAT guy owes child support! but now my wife thinks Im cheating on her and our relationship has really suffered! Even in the sex department!” The last part was a little TMI lol…but I felt bad for him. Imagine needing to make money so bad that you do anything possible to survive, so you get someone elses social security just to get a job. It may not be right thing but at least its not like the people who steal your identity and rack up credit card bills in your name. No. These people just want to WORK. they just want a job to survive. Theyre unfortunate circumstances though…only lead to more unfortunate circumstances. and all because they were unfortunate enough to be born in an unfortunate country that offered little hope for the future. Now theyre future is brightened because even though they will lead a life of very hard work and little pay, at least they know they will be able to feed their families. They will be able to buy a used pick up truck for the first time in their lives. They’ll be able to buy a little house. Things they never dreamed of.

Im reminded each day at work…that some people do have it worse than me. Yet they smile. theres a mexican saying that says, “Al mal tiempo buena cara” which means, “a good face for a bad time.” Thats their life motto. Even when times are bad they smile.

I think about my situation and I realize that while I have my problems and my hurts, at least I have it alot easier than most mexicans. Sometimes I feel them staring at me as they sit in the waiting area. They look at me, probably thinking how easy my life must be, just typing away at my desk while they just came in from the hot fields. They dont have to say it. I know it goes through their mind though. Sometimes I forget that while my world seems to be falling apart…someone elses is completely worse.

I dont know what will happen with me and my fiance. Im not sure what I will decide as of the moment, but I know I have my brother to support me and my baby financially if I need it. My fiance will fly in to be at my ultrasound in two weeks to find out the gender of the baby, so it seems he does want to be a part of my pregnancy. He confuses me, but then again I think he confuses himself. I think sometimes he feels ready to be a dad and at other times it scares the bejesus out of him.

For now I will smile and sing happy country songs and enjoy life’s little joys–like the sausage, egg and cheeze mcgridles at McDonald’s–and the thought of holding my precious newborn in my arms in a few months.


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