I Got Fired From My Job

21 Sep

Yes. I was fired. My Boss sat there behind his big oak desk and said, “Im just gonna have to let you go!” With a cold empty look in his eyes.

Did i cry? Did i beg? Did i try to reason with him?

No of course not.

I shook my head agreeably as if we were having a normal conversation and calmly said, “I understand.” He probably assumed that inside i was thinking he was being unfair so he kept talking, explaining to me how my mistakes could have cost him his legal licence and whatnot. I just kept repeating myself more firmly, “-I understand.” I didn’t need his petty excuses. None of it made sense anyway.

So what got me fired? I cant say for sure, but a good part of me thinks its the fact that I’m pregnant.

I was called into my bosses office as soon as i arrived to work. He seemed very upset and demanded to know what happened with the client i had rescheduled. I mentioned that i rescheduled him because I could not get the information we needed for his criminal past. It was obvious that he didnt want to know the whys or hows, so I kept it short and simple. He then told me I had no right to reschedule anyone without his permission. I sat there confused because he knew I had done it a few days ago and waited until now to bring it up? I didnt say anything though. I knew that if I asked questions or tried to reason with him, it wouldnt get us anywhere. He was determined in letting me go and I could see it. There was no pity in his eyes. “After we had a month review and I told you what you needed to work on, and now you do this? Im just going to have to let you go!” He said matter-of-factly.

What was in the months review list?

1. always answer his calls–which he thought I ignored at one point, and became enraged, when really i had simply not heard his call coming in. with 3 lines ringing for me at the same time, trying to process a clients payment, and trying to hear myself over everyone elses loud voice was just pure mayhem that day.

2. tell someone I was leaving to lunch. apparently someone told our manager that I simply left without telling anyone I was going to lunch and as a result a client was left waiting for half and hour unattended. I was in disbelief because I’ve never left without telling someone I was going to lunch. I don’t know who lied to my manager…

The other two things were about improving my ability to multi-task and not keeping customers waiting on the line too long. I didn’t really know what they wanted from me. They would tell me the customers on the phone line didnt matter as much as the ones there for a consultation–I could call the other ones back later. Then they would tell me the opposite. I was misguided and uninformed. And It was almost impossible to take three diffrent calls, help two customers in person, process payments, translate for the boss, and write everything in the computer ALL AT THE SAME TIME. Sorry but thats not multi-tasking–thats called “YOURE CRAZY!”

At the end of that meeting, my boss had told me “he understood i was new and didn’t expect me to get it right away.” He smiled to reassure me, but I only thought about the times he had screamed at me. It didnt seem like he really understood. Still I was glad to hear the things I was doing right. He mentioned I was always on time, very friendly with customers and dressed very professionally.

After he fired me, I turned my keys in to my manager, got my things and left.

When I got home, I called my fiance’ (yes were back together.)

I cried and sobbed to him. “What am I gonna do now?? I have bills to pay and they come every month.” I felt so hopeless being pregnant. “Who’s going to hire me now? I’m showing! No ones going to hire me!” I cried. I sat on my bed like a six year old with tears streaming down my face.

My fiance’ comforted me and told me everything would be alright. “He would take care of me.” He was really supportive, listened to everything I had to say on the matter, and at the end when I said, “I dont know If I just have bad luck at work…or maybe Im just really dumb,” I sniffled. With a firm voice he responded, “NO. Youre not dumb. Dont say that. it has nothing to do with that.” He told me he had to catch a plane but he would be texting me throughout the day to check up on me.

And he did. I thought it was so sweet of him, to be checking on me, and offering me words of encouragement and hope.

After making him suffer last week, he came back ready to commit fully this time. He promised he would never bring up “the phone call” again (Ill choke him if he does.) He really thought he was losing me, and making him think that really made him appreciate me. Ever since then hes been way more affectionate towards me, in a way that hes never been before. Its as if Im his Goddess now and he worships me lol…When they ask you “what do you want? Ill give you anything you want!” You know youve got them pretty hooked.

We went out recently to his favorite taco place, and had a nice evening date. We held hands across the table and talked. Some where along the conversation he mentioned his “to-get list.” I frowned. “Whats a to-get list?” I asked.

“Oh, you know…things to get for the baby,” He said biting into a taco.

I smiled and stared at him. “I thought I was the only one who had made a list like that…” I said a little surprised.

“UH-UH.” He said shaking his head seriously.

I laughed a little. “Ok, so whats on your to-get list?” I asked out of curiosity.

He paused, his mind in obvious thinking-mode. “Well, first,” he said, “A good camera. Because were gonna need a good camera to take pictures of Layla.”

I smiled. He is so sweet.

“baby, but i have a camera…a good one,” I said.

“You do? what kind is it?” He asked.

“A Cannon. it takes really good pictures–I always get compliments on them.”

“Ok.” He said.

“What else is on your list?” I asked.

“Uhm…You know, like the crib and stuff, but also decorations for the nursery, like little lights and stars to hang up on the walls.” (hes a galaxy and planet lover–It may be a little on the nerdy side but I love the stars and galaxies too so we might be two nerds with one one little nerd on the way 🙂

It just melts my heart when I hear him talk like that. I mean HOW FRIKIN’ CUTE IS THAT?! A man that thinks about his unborn baby enough to not want to miss a moment so his first thought is of having a good camera, and he even thinks of the nursery decorations too?? I think its adorable. I dont know many other father-to-be’s that are that involved.

When we got back to his place he put his hand on my stomach for a long time, trying to feel the baby move, but I think she stops moving when she feels a hand on my stomach (Ive noticed that from when I do it too.) He even bent down and put his ear on my stomach. “Are you trying to hear my stomach digest??” I laughed. I love his enthusiasm though.

Unfortunately I had a runny nose, that turned into a cold, and I think I got my Fiance’ sick too. I felt sooooo bad especially because he really needs his voice. I texted him a couple of home remedies since he was already in NY the other day. poor thing. Well he texted back saying, “Hi beautiful! Thanks for the tips, I think Ill try them since I woke up feeling pretty bad today. I think I got sick because I travel so much though.”

WHaT?! hes not blaming me? I know I got him sick but it was really sweet of him to blame it on his traveling just to make me feel good. Hes so awesome 🙂 Then later he thanked me again for the tips, saying, “You really care about me dont you?”

“Of course 🙂 I love you.” I texted back. He said it was the nicest thing to know he was cared for. See? now he doesnt take any of my kindness for granted haha 😉 Its so much better seeing this side of him.

later that day I pulled my recovering self out of bed, to do a photo shoot for my brother, since Id promised him. Im not a certified photographer or anything, but it is a hobby of mine and I always get compliments from people, friends and family on the pictures i take. Im an artist at heart. I really love photography. My mom and my fiance’ keep telling me I should pursue it.

Anyway the photo shoot was a lot of fun–I did it for my brother and his friends senior pictures. We shot them up in a historic park with great scenery. I thought it was so cute how my brothers friend thought I was really a pro. I haven’t gone to school for photography so I cant call myself a “Pro” but I follow basic principles: I pack everything, from camera, batteries, extra batteries, snacks, water and make-up (yes make-up for guys too) and I am on time.  I pose them, and give them feedback as I take pictures like, “Yes, thats good, that looks really good, perfect. Thats a great picture right there.” Im really passionate about it. I know about lighting, shutter speeds, angles and how to edit pictures afterwards for  optimal appearance. Thats one reason my little brother wanted to go with me instead of a proffesional studio–He knows I can edit the pictures nicely. After the photo shoot was over, my brothers friend was looking at the pictures I took on my camera and exclaimed, “Wow, youre really good!” and of course…thats music to my ears.

…Its always nice to know youre good at something 🙂 !

Later that night, I was in front of my lovely computer editing the pictures and I thought, “Why not listen to some music and make it more fun?” So I put on my headphones and YouTubed some oldies. Layla had been very still all night. But the moment I started singing along to the everly brothers “all i have to do is dream” she started moving and moving! I thought it was so funny. After that song I heard some disney classics and she didnt move too much anymore. Then this morning, just for kicks, I started singing the song by the everly brothers again and suddenly she starts moving! She must really like that song haha…My fiance loves music and so do I, so it doesnt really surprise me that we might have a little musician in the making, but i think its cute that she already has music preferences! Oh my little Layla…


2 Responses to “I Got Fired From My Job”

  1. thefirsttimemom September 22, 2012 at 1:52 am #

    If you are showing it could have also been the fact that they knew or figured you were pregnant. When you leave, they would need to hire an additional person, train them and then let you come back which all costs a lot of money. You are right though about worrying about job hunting. It’s pretty fucking sick that we have to worry about crap like that as if we are undeserving of a job because we choose to have children. No one can support themselves on one income anymore. It takes two and sometimes multiple jobs just to have financial stability. I hope everything continues to get better for you. Who knows, maybe being fired is a good thing because now you can spend more time with your little one.

    • thinkingpink123 September 22, 2012 at 10:01 am #

      I TOTTALLY AGREE with EVERYTHING you said. And yes they knew I was pregnant for a few weeks now. It sucks, but Oh well! I got a new job already anyways! =)

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