Men check out pregnant chicks??!

22 Sep

So my fiance has been telling me that men still check out pregnant chicks. Sometimes hes a little jealous (in a cute way though.) He assumes guys are checking me out or trying to talk to me when hes not around. I usually laugh it off and tell him “*grunt* baby pleeeease. Aint nobody checking me out out with this pregnant belly! please. Youre funny.” and he’ll just half close his eyes, pucker his lips and say, “You’d be surprised…Theres alot of men out there who check out pregnant chicks.”

Uh-Huh. Yea right…FAT-CHANCE. Im lucky if I feel that i look ok sometimes, but I definately dont feel sexy or beautiful with this big stomach! “Baby the only way I think guys would still check me out is if i was wearing my tight jeans–which dont fit anymore!!–highheels and my hair down.” (those things usually made me feel sexy but I havent wore my hair down in a while and Id rather wear flats right now.) My fiance just nodded his head and rolled his eyes.  “I know girls in PAJAMAS who still get checked out because they have a pretty face.” I guess hes right, I thought. But I still didnt believe guys would check out a pregnant girl. 

This morning I went grocery shopping with my mom–did I tell you she has a great sense of humor? Oh we can laugh about anything… Mostly because were both pretty ditzy and we laugh at ourselfs. She’ll usually say, “That wouldve been good for a movie scene huh!?” LOL…. we do have our moments.

Anyway I was telling her about my fiances ‘crazy’ theory on guys checking out pregnant girls. “–I mean, mom, if i wasnt pregnant maybe It would be diffrent, but IM PREGNANT. He can rest easy hahaa! No ones gonna check me out!!” I nodded my head, and chuckled a little.

After grocery shopping with my mom, I ran a few errands on my on. Finnally at the end of the day I decided I needed to grab some dinner before heading home. I was so tired though and still felt pretty sick–my nose was stuffy and i felt like i wanted nothing more but to be in bed. Teleported if possible. I took a look in my rear view mirror before getting off my car and thought, UGH, I look hideous. Oh well. Being sick this morning made me not want to do much more than drag myself out of bed and throw a cap on to hide my bed-head. On top of that I was wearing my minnie mouse PJS and my green Ugg-style boots. “Yea I was sure making a fashion statement haha…” I noticed people staring at me at the grocery store but i figured it was because I looked so funky.

I dragged my feet into a restaurant that sells BBQ-everything. Once inside I looked through the one page menu on the front counter. A minute later an older man came up to the register, so I glanced up ready to give him my to-go order. “Ive never been here before–” I started, when he interrupted me. “Are you a Jersey boy?” He asked, catching me off guard. “Your hat says ‘Jersey boy'” He added with a flirtacious glint in his hazel eyes.

“Uh. no. Im definately a girl,” I replied.

“Or maybe you want a jersey boy…” He smiled.

“No thats ok…I got a Chicago boy so im good.”

He chatted with me a little more then went and brought me a plate of food to sample saying he liked having beautiful girls get hooked on his food so they could keep coming back. I smiled, flattered but confused. Did he say Beautiful girls reffering to me?? UH…nooooo. nope. uh-uh. no no. He wasnt talking about me. No way. not possible. 

I tried the samples on the plate and when he came back I was ready to order. As i opened my mouth to speak, he interupted me. “You have such beautiful eyes. I don’t know whats better…your long eye lashes or your eyebrows!” he said. I frowned. He must be crazy I thought.

No wait. LIGHTBULB! he doesnt know im pregnant because of the tall counter covering me! Im sure if he sees my big belly itll be a HUGE turn off, I thought.

and Just then he walked around the counter to the door and I made sure to rub my belly in front of him.

He walked right back to the counter and kept hitting on me.

WHAT?! @_@ how could this be?? I thought.

I placed my order and then looked around as i waited. The restaurant was empty except for me another older man waiting to order. A few minutes later the owner came back out to the front and looking at me he loudly exclaimed, “Isnt she beautiful?!” The older man waiting to order promptly replied, “Oh yes! She looks like a movie star! like she came out of a movie–She looks like J-lo!”

Ok. first there was ONE crazy man…now TWO??!

“OK…you guys are really sweet, but c’mon now.”

“No im not being sweet,” one of them said,”Im hardly ever sweet.”

Puzzled I just went up to the counter to get my food.

“I wonder what you look like when your all dressed up,” the owner said to me, “because right now you look good with just a cap on, but I wouldnt want to see you dressed up. Youd probably give me a heart attack!”

I nodded my head and sighed in confusion. Man…these men must need glasses or something.

“I know you must have a wife or something,” I said to the owner. He admitted he did.

“Well shes a fortunate woman,” I said trying to get him to say something nice about his wife.

“Well she’d be more fortunate if she had your eyes!” he smiled.

I wonder how married men can say things like that…I mean If I was his wife and I heard him say that I would slap his silly head.

Just as i was leaving the owner called out to me, “Whats your name?!”

After telling him my name, he smiled and said, “Alright well, please come back soon!”

Im not coming back again ever, I thought after leaving.

But I laughed as i remembered all the times I rolled my eyes when my fiance told me men still check out pregnant girls. SO maybe he was right…but im not gonna tell him haha.

Still though i find it bizarre. Why men check out pregnant women remains a mystery to me.

Two things I miss from before I was pregnant:

1. I miss having a flat stomach. God that made me feel sexy. Now i look down and see a huge boulder 😦 and it keeps growing!!! I mean how BIG will it get? It really scares me sometimes @_@

2. I miss lying down on my stomach. I cant do that anymore–Ill squish my poor baby! So I lie on my side which isnt as comfortable but hey! Im making a miracle here–some sacrifices have to be made =)

On another note, I start a new job on monday morning–Its a part time office job that my brother got for me today! Since its part time I know I wont be making much money but Im grateful for the job! Its something =) 

I know my fiance said he’ll take care of me, and my brother also tells me that if i need anything at all, all i have to do is ask. (My brother makes good money and tells me he feels good helping me out, but i cant help feeling so uncomfortable asking people for help!) Ive always liked feeling that I can pull my own weight. Of course I would love to stay home once the baby is born and that is what me and my fiance both want, but for now I feel good having a J-O-B.

I got home, made myself a cup of lemon and honey tea, and sipped it while watching “HES JUST NOT THAT INTO YOU.” I love that movie. and currently I love my life.


2 Responses to “Men check out pregnant chicks??!”

  1. Gino April 27, 2013 at 5:57 am #

    Hmm is anyone else having problems with the pictures
    on this blog loading? I’m trying to figure out if its a problem on my end or if it’s the blog.
    Any responses would be greatly appreciated.

    • rainbows123 April 27, 2013 at 7:41 am #

      Have you tried using a different computer at a different location? That might help.

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