A Baby Shower???!! Oh No….

9 Oct

I know most pregnant women would be glad to receive gifts for their little bun in the oven.


not so much. NO thank-you Joe.

Im the girl who ALWAYS makes a special order even at Burger King. All my friends have always laughed at me. They’ll order the number 3 with a coke. Ill order the number 5, no mayo, only lettuce and tomato,  well done–“could you season it well too please? thanks”, regular fries “but could you make sure their fresh? cause the last time they were super cold…*insert nice smile* and instead of the drink can I have a milk shake? Oh but could you make sure you dont put too much milk in it when your making it?–it takes away flavor and makes it a little watery. annnnnd I think thats all. *sweet smile *chiiiing ;D*”

So naturally when it comes to a baby shower…Im almost petrified of what ill receive. I mean call me Nut-so but I already googled everything I want for my baby.

SO get a gift registry you say.

I hear you. But its not like I want everything from just one store.

I would hate to get a baby bouncer in an ugly color for example. Or bottles Ill never use. Or the boppy in a print I dont like. Or the baby carrier that I could’ve gotten off craigslist for way cheaper. Or an ugly bath tub. Or an ugly car seat. I mean what will i say when they realize I returned their item and bought something cooler?

So I told my sister in law to tell everyone that I only want clothes and diapers and nothing more. I could say nothing and let people waste their money and smile and pretend I like it, and never use it. But Id rather they spend their money on something I will use.

Something I dont feel like buying is diapers and sleepers. mostly because theres nothing too exciting about those two things. Yet its the two things Ill need the most. I feel kind of guilty for suggesting that they buy the things I don’t feel like buying because maybe that takes away their enthusiasm to go baby shopping, but hey. I dont make the rules.

Alright so that didnt make sense but it sounded good. 

Here are the things I have already picked out to buy for my baby:



Crib Mobile:









Infant Car Seat:



Wall decal above crib:













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