Moving Back in With My Parents

28 Mar

This past saturday me and my sister were supposed to go to the mall to get my baby girls ears pierced (my sister wants to buy her her first pair of earrings–how sweet!) BUT…

I ended up moving. it was kind of unexpected. my dad and brother came by my place with a u-haul truck early saturday morning and helped move all my stuff to my parents house. I knew i would eventually move up to my parents house, i just didnt know it would be so soon.

Anyway I got my brothers old room which i had painted in blue stripes a few years ago. its a little boy-ish but i really dont have the time to re-paint it so im just going to have to get used to a blue room. at least the colors are soothing 🙂

being back home is AWESOME.

my mom is helping me with Layla so much–she loves to burp her for me, hold her for me, bathe her for me, ect. shes such a great grandma. and her cooking…oh man. i wish everyone had a mother who cooked like mine. seriously. Its like having a five star chef in your home.

My dad is so happy to have his grand daughter around. it really seems to make his day to see her when he gets home from work. Im so glad that my little girl is so loved and accepted.

waking up and seeing her little face in the mornings makes me so happy. I cant beleive i made such a precious thing in my belly! I used to think it was weird when i would see moms laughing at any little thing their babies did, and now i understand it. Layla doesnt have to do much to make me laugh with absolute giddy joy. She makes me HAPPY. in fact im happier now than ive ever been.






*sigh. I love her so much =)


2 Responses to “Moving Back in With My Parents”

  1. samanthaowen07 March 29, 2013 at 3:20 am #

    I didn’t even realize you had your baby!! She’s beautiful!!! Mine just turned 4 months!!

    • rainbows123 March 30, 2013 at 5:14 am #

      Ohmygoodness ur baby is so cute–i love her bright blue eyes! and wow, 4 months! time sure does fly!

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