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Weekend Outfit

29 Apr

I thought I would start doing some outfit of the day posts on here. Ill be posting what Im wearing, where its from, and if I can remember Ill put the prices as well. Most of the things I wear are not expensive. I looooove sales and bargains!! If I can get an added discount off an already discounted top or blouse my day is made. heck, I even haggle on craigslist when the price is already low. lol…yeah i guess im cheap haha. but at least id like to think im a well dressed cheap-o.

Of course sometimes i do splurge a little (dont we all?) The sunglasses were $50. and thats as much as im willing to spend on sunglasses lol.

and yes i know i need a tan haha…cant wait to get baked this summer! 😉


Life of a Single Mom

27 Apr

Oh.My.GOD. have I been busy…

My parents left for a trip to Colorado this week, so Ive been holding down the fort.

Awww aren’t they cute??

Denver CO.

I’ve been cooking, cleaning, taking my brother to school, grocery shopping, and organizing the kitchen, taking care of Layla, changing her diapers, feeding her, and playing with her. Dont get me wrong —I love being a mom, and I love doing all these things, but DEAR LORD Its exhausting when you dont get a break! Why dont moms get PAID?? I can honestly say there is WAY more work to be done when you’re a mom than with any regular job. Of course some moms dont actually do the work, but I do. I just dont liked doing anything “half-assed” you know?? I dont want to ever be “mediocre” at something I could’ve been great at. That being said you can bet your two dollars I try my best to be a “Pinterest type-Mom”. I love cooking, and decorating and making pretty things. I just like to put smiles on peoples faces. annnnd ok..I love the compliments.

Anyway, last night I was watching American Idol (MY FAVORITE SHOW evaaaa *makes excited hand gestures*) I gotta say though, this years AI is a little boring (shrug) but its like pizza…even when its not that good, its still good.

The top 4 contestants from left to right: Candace, Angie, Kree, Amber.

I was feeding Layla and watching the show when Amber started singing. Layla stopped eating, and almost didnt blink. She had this look on her face like, “Oh my god… wait. what am I hearing?” She was really captured by Ambers ‘Celion Dion’ number.

I have a good feeling Layla will be singing as soon as she learns how to talk. Her grandma (on her dads side) has an amazing voice, her dad has an amazing voice (he got signed by a record label right before we broke up), my parents have great singing voices, and well…Ive been told I can sing well too. My little brother has told me I should audition for American Idol.

Today on our way to his school, he heard me singing bruno mars’ new song “when I was your man” and said, “wow you can really hit those high notes!” I’ve always loved singing, I just never thought I was really any good at it, but maybe I was wrong. maybe Im not that bad. Still though, I woudnt ever audition for American Idol. Im happy singing in my car and focusing on my other dreams.

All Im gonna say on American Idol is that I love Angie, and Amber. Candace can REALLY sing, but shes just not my favorite. Kree is so country sweet, and she has pipes as well, but honestly I wouldn’t listen to her music. Just not my style. I love Ambers confidence, and bravado. GET IT GIRL. but seriously I second Keith urbans comment…someone needs to drop the mic stand, or jump around a little. Its too stale. They just stand and sing. C’mon, shake it up ladies, we wanna be entertained. As far as the judges go, I know Nicki is crazy but she entertains me (“Hold up honey bubu child”) and Mariah is effortlessly elegant when she speaks. I love it.

changing the topic…I NEED A VACATION. a mani-pedi, a spa, a massage — ANYTHING.  I’m just so exhausted from today. This is what my day went like:

7:00 am –wake up, change Laylas Diaper, feed her. brush my teeth, get myself ready, pack my bag with Laylas stuff.

8:00 am –Got my baby in her bunny winter suit, put her in the car and drove my little brother to school.

Not a happy bunny =/

9:00 am –went grocery shopping for a few items at my local grocery store with Layla.

10:00 am–got home, put groceries away, fed Layla.

11:00 am–changed Laylas Diaper, fed her again.

12:00 pm–Put Layla in the car, and drove to the next city to get more groceries (I put babyface on “every time I close my eyes” and it seems to be a hit with Layla–she goes to sleep when I play that song and I get to drive stress free all the way to the next town. Thank you babyface.)

1:00 pm –I arrive at wally-world. time to do some more grocery shopping in between carrying Layla in my arms and pushing the shopping cart because I forgot my sling and she wont stay in her car seat without screaming. helloooo motherhood.

2:00 pm– we are done and I head over to the Lowes parking lot where I meet up with two people who are interested in my items that I put up for sale on good ol’ craigslist. (In case you didnt know I’m a craigslister. Oh yeah. I can hustle baby.)

She melts my heart..

3:00 pm– Items were sold and Im ready to head back home (I had fed Layla while I waited for the interested buyers to arrive, and had some beautiful moments with my little pumpkin. I seriously LOVE when she stares right at me and smiles. My heart wants to burst open with happiness.)

4:00 pm– I arrive home, put groceries away, clean the dish washer full of gunk, clean out both freezers, throw out the garbage, start making dinner, feed Layla twice, and then FINALLY get to settle down 4 hours later.

8:00 pm– Dinners ready. Its a late dinner but no ones going to complain. Ive been bustin’ my butt all day!  My little brother tells me its the “best chicken” hes ever had. I would’ve settled for “good” but “best chicken” hes ever had was pretty nice to hear. Its a recipe I made up with some of my favorite ingredients. I’ll probably make a blog with the recipe soon.

Now, Im on Pinterest looking at recipes and other things, as well as blogging, and facebooking a little. THIS is my “spa”, my “get away” if you will. And yet my little brothers keep coming in my room interrupting my little vacation time…ugh lol.

My other 17 year old brother just told me about all the fun things he’ll be doing this weekend and the next weekend and the next….

party, concert, camping, fun college event, SixFlags, ect.

Sounds nice…..sigh. *insert sad face*

I miss having fun. At the moment though I have alot on my plate.

My dad wants me to help my mom with organizing the house. My mom has a great personality and she’s beautiful (a classic beauty with breath taking eyes) but doing “house wife tasks” isnt really her thing. On the other hand, I actually enjoy home decorating, organizing and cooking. Currently our kitchen cabinets are a mess. completely disorganized and full of all kinds of crap. So of course I said I would take over and whip it right into shape. I just wish I had more time to do it! Its a big project.

Basically I am going to make our house look as perfect as a magazine home. I get excited about turning a house into something that looks like a model home but re-organizing and re-modeling a home, while cleaning, cooking, doing laundry and taking care of a two month old is exhausting. still, Im killing myself because I know when my parents get back from their trip my dad will expect to have left seeing the “before” and come back to see the “after”. I dont want to dissapoint him.

On monday I start work again!!– I took my dads offer. I’ll be working with my sister in the office. My dad even said I could bring Layla to work so I bought an extra swing and put it in the office already. I know its a little weird to walk into an office and see a baby swing but hey, my dad suggested it. He probably just wants to see his granddaughter more lol. I dont blame him.

What Makes A Good Parent?

19 Apr

I started thinking about this the other day, after a few people repeatedly made it seem as if I must be competing for the hunger games. There is no going back. I have embarked in the race of…motherhood. “You’ll be alright,” they tell me in a reassuring mother tone, “I know it must be tough” “you’re doing a good job mama”  “You’re going to do ok.”

I cant help but notice a trace of concern in their voice and the look of will power in their eyes as if encouraging to keep going.

UM. Im sorry, have I missed something? I dont understand what I should be worried about. Am I supposed to be worried about being a good mom? or learning how to do this ‘parenting thing’? it never crossed my mind until everyone started making it seem as if I should be a ball of nerves.

So then, I guess maybe Im the weird one. Maybe its normal to be a ball of nerves and question whether youre doing a good job as a parent. Im not trying to sound cocky…I just never even knew that parents would worry about this kind of stuff! Also I dont believe in worrying. I think its a waste of time. I believe in being proactive. If theres a problem, fix it. end of story.

I dont question my ability to be a good parent for the following reasons:

1. The most important thing you can ever do in your childs life is LOVE them. hug them, kiss them, laugh with them. Love is essential in raising a healthy well balanced adult.

2.  RESEARCH. Im on google all the time. If I had a boyfriend, his name would be Google. And Im all googly-eyed for him. OK, Ill stop. But seriously, as a mother you cant just let things slide because you ‘didnt know better’. we are in the age of Google–you cant use that excuse anymore. Ive researched things such as formula vs breast milk, organic formula and how to make it yourself (the rest is pretty harmful) vaccinations (oooh wee I wont even get started with that one, but I wish more people knew just how harmful they really are. one word: mercury. its in all the vaccines. If you dont know what mercury is look it up and then tell me if you would willingly inject that into your precious bundle of joy.) and the list goes on and on on subjects I research. Being a good parent means researching everything and anything that can have an effect in your childs life. Question everything.

3. Know the difference between pumping your kid up with healthy self esteem and creating an ego-tistic monster who thinks the world revolves around him. Also, knowing when to use dicipline and how. Dont know? There’s books on all these subjects.

4. Teach them the importance of money and saving early on. Im not just talking a piggy bank here. Only lesson theyll get from that is finding a hammer to break it when the ice cream truck comes by. No, Im talking about teaching them how to budget even at a young age. for example, If they get $5 a week, they have to learn they can only spend $2, save $2, and donate $1. If they want a big toy, but spent all their money on other things, a lesson will be taught.

5. Look for any talents or skills they posses and help them hone them early on. Do they like painting? drawing? dancing? music? put them in a class, or have a personal tutor help them. Like they say…Do what you love and you’ll never have to work a day in your life.

6. Make sure the people you entrust your child with are actually people who will treat your child well, and who you are certain wont hurt your child in any way. If this isnt possible, make sure you teach your child self defense.

Layla wanted to hang out with me in the front seat while we waited for a friend.

Layla wanted to hang out with me in the front seat while we waited in the car. Shes such a momas girl 😉

Something that also makes me feel comfortable parenting is the fact that I grew up taking care of my little brothers, and I pretty much raised the last one. I also ran a small daycare when I lived in Texas.

Its weird but I actually feel like this is my second child since I raised my younger brother. I will admit there are mistakes you make with the first ones that you learn from. I was 17 when I was raising my 4 year old brother. I went a little over board in making him feel special and taking him everywhere (think amusement parks, zoo, ice cream, movies, toy store, ect.) and buying him toys every other weekend (my parents didnt have time for any of that and I didnt want him to miss out on a fun child hood.) I didnt think I was spoiling him back then, until he grew up and thought he just “deserved” things, and money grew on trees. Uh-oh….I knew I was to blame. the good thing is it wasnt too late.

My little brother and I hanging out at Wal-Mart. I was 17 and he was 4 in this picture.

Ive always been so proud of my baby brother.

He’s 14 now and is starting to learn the value of earning things (my dad has him take care of our animals early each morning. If he does his job well then my dad will give him something hes been wanting like a laptop, piano, gameboy DS, ect.) Its funny because at first he hated looking after the goats and chickens. He would forget to go down to the barn, and my dad would be pissed that the animals weren’t fed. Then my brother complained to me that my dad didnt pay him anyway so why should he do it. “he doesnt pay you anymore,” I reminded him,”because you werent doing a good job.” He stayed quiet, and after that he seemed to start waking up on time to feed the animals. He also wasnt very giving unless he was getting something back, as of recently.  I would ask for help with something and he would say, “Whats in it for me?” LOL…this kid. When he saw there was nothing in it for him he declined. Well a few weeks ago he was dying to use my computer. I kept saying no. Finally I said he could use it but only for 30 minutes. I actually would’ve let him use it longer but I wanted him to appreciate my gesture. at the end of the 30 minutes minutes he got up, smiled and said, “Thanks.” As he walked out of my room, I told him, “Sometimes when you do something nice for someone, you dont get something back right away…but eventually that person will do something nice for you in return.” He stopped at the door way, threw his head up a little as if reflecting, said, “ahhhh” and then walked away. He will now randomly ask me if I need help with something, and never complains when I ask him to do something for me. Even as kids get older, there’s always a lesson that can be taught to mold them into the adults you want them to become.

You might say the lesson I taught him was faulty because I didnt teach him to be selfless. I taught him to still expect something after a nice gesture. While that may be true, Im happy to reach some progress. Rome wasn’t built in a day after all.

As far as my little brother being well balanced, I have to say hes the most well balanced kid I know. Im so proud of him. He is easily liked by everyone. He can make fun of himself, relate to anyone, and he always has something to say about any subject. Teachers, kids, and people of all ages love him.

When he was about 5 years old he used to love for me to tell him the story of when he was born. I would over-dramatize the whole thing and tell him that the day he was born the world stopped. “everyone looked at each other and shouted, ‘DION is here!!!!’ Im talking people all over the world. then fireworks went off everywhere, even up in space!!! There hadnt been flowers for a while, but once you were born, there were colorful flowers coming out everywhere! God smiled the day you were born. and you know what else? You were born with a brain too big for your head. its true. Its because you’re so smart. only geniuses are born with big brains like that.” My 5 year old brothers eyes would light up with that story. I praised him on his homework (which he only got a+’s on, and his test scores, which he always scored above average.) I told him he was special, and smart, and awesome as much as possible. Looking back now, I know I over did it. lol…but at least the kid has a healthy self esteem now. Ill go a little more easy on Layla though. I now know, youre only supposed to praise them when they do good things, not ‘just because they’re alive’. They have to grow up knowing they have to work for things, even praises. otherwise they grow up feeling entitled. and yes, my little brother went through that phase. Thank goodness we worked on that.

I had to take the “I’m a privileged rich kid” mentality out of his head. I made him think my parents were barely hanging on financially. Its for his own good. No kid should ever adopt that mentality. If you teach them to expect less, they’re more grateful for whatever they get. And let me tell ya, nothings worse than an ungrateful child. Nothing.

I think being a good parent is not that hard. I’ve made mistakes but that doesn’t make me a bad parent. it makes me human.

I realize I will not be a perfect parent, and I also will not have a perfect child.

Ill make mistakes, and she’ll make mistakes. With that in mind, lets accept them, learn from them and move on. Why strive to be something we are not? Lets just strive to be the best we can be, slap a lot of love on that sandwich and call it a day.


this is us before leaving to her doctors appointment. She now weighs 13.4 pounds at 2 months. She’s reached all her mile stones for being 8 weeks, and Im really proud of her! shes such a bright girl.

Where Did I Leave It?? :(

18 Apr

Layla had her first play date/ trip to the park today. Why is it that every simple but new thing a baby does is so ground shaking exciting?? I dont know. IT JUST IS. lol.

Im really excited that my little girl has a friend already. I cant wait till they’re able to start interacting with each other. Its also pretty cool that my friend is so much like me when it comes to the emotions of parenting. We LOVE our baby’s but were pretty easy going about some things. sometimes we let them cry it out, and sometimes we give them a piece of paper to play with, or I personally have Layla stare at the wall in our room for stimulation (its a 3 striped wall with circled mirrors and big flower pictures. I feel that’s a cheaper alternative to buying toys for now.)

I dont enjoy letting her cry it out but when I have an appointment to keep, I get ready as fast as possible, while hearing her cries. Its stressful no doubt, but I just get through it as quickly as possible while trying not to poke my eye out with the eyeliner. and for some reason shes usually hungry right as im getting ready for church or a doctors appointment ! I wish I could drop everything and just be like, “Well you know, my baby was crying.” but unfortunately there are some things I cannot be late to. well being a mom…its more like, there are things I cannot miss. I seem to struggle with being on time ever since having a baby! Its really hard. but I console myself with at least being “fashionably late.”

After our trip to the park, I ran a few errands. I stopped by the post office to mail off some letters, one being my ‘paid family leave form’ so I could continue receiving benefits for another 6 weeks. WELL I could not find the darn thing! I came home and looked everywhere for it. I looked through my purse, through my trash can, and even under my bed which has nothing underneath but a pair of slippers. and NOTHING. I layed on my bed defeated. and then without warning my eyes just shut closed and I fell asleep.

next thing I know, Im waking up looking for my baby and didnt see her anywhere and FREAKED OUT! (I had forgotten that she was asleep in her rocker sleeper out in the living room.)  I screamed bloody murder. “MOM!!!!! MOM!!!!!!!” In the next second I hear my moms foot steps running down the hall to my room to see whats wrong. She walks into my room with a petrified look on her face. “Wheres my baby??!” I asked half asleep. “Shes in the living room sleeping in her rocker sleeper remember?” I was instantly relieved, nodded calmly, said, “Oh..” then went back to sleep. I have no idea why I woke up looking for her like that.

Something funny Layla likes to do is throw her head and body back and look at things upside down. I have NO IDEA WHY but I just go along with it and entertain her. I sit her on my lap, then wait for her to throw herself back, and hold her as she looks at the world upside down. after a few seconds i bring her back up. she looks around for a second, then throws herself back and down we go. She turns her neck to get a good view all around, and is pretty flexible not to mention strong like an ox. I asked her doctor if this was normal. He said it was, but Im still not too sure. Maybe shes going to be a gymnast? Who knows.

Well I still have not found the letter to EDD for the extension of my benefits. Its driving me crazy. I mean if I had a messy room Id have more hope, but the problem is I keep everything really organized, so that everything’s easier to find. Its not really helping right now.

P.S. The lady working at the post office told me to enjoy my baby because they grow up too fast and are 18 “before you know it.” I always pretend its the first time im hearing it 😉

Single Mom Problems

16 Apr

Every time I bump into old friends or ex boyfriends I feel as If they look down on me for being a single mom. I mean, hey it happens, but I just think people expected more from me. I feel like they must think I couldn’t keep a man or something. which isnt the case…I could’ve stayed with him, and I wanted to stay despite all the problems, but I wasn’t happy and I knew my daughter wouldn’t be happy either.

Anyway, I bumped into an old friend this past weekend. He looked at my daughter, looked back at me confused and said, “Thats not your baby right?” I wanted to laugh. It almost seemed like he wanted me to say no so he could stop holding his breath in. I guess me and Layla dont look alike, and two, I guess I dont look like a typical “mom” when I wear 4 inch heels? I dunno, but when I told him it was, he quickly congratulated me, and then asked, “when did you have a baby??” He looked really confused by it all.

I dont blame him. I think everyone expected to hear I had a boyfriend, then engaged, then married, and THEN baby. nope. I skipped all that, and just had a baby. I cant explain how that happened in a 5 minute conversation. Thats why I dont like bumping into old friends, and ex boyfriends.

They all get this weird look on their faces like they’re dying to ask more but dont dare. But what am i supposed to say? “I broke up with my boyfriend because he was emotionally unstable”? UM no. thats none of their business. Plus, that would probably only make them want to know more, or go gossip about me later.

Ugh. single mom problems.

Anyway, My chubby lil panda is 2 MONTHS already! and I seriously “wuv” this little girl more than anything Ive ever loved in my life.

I love when she fake cries so I can carry her. I know i shouldn’t carry her, because that’ll only encourage her, but I just think its adorable that she knows how to fake cry at 2 months. Its the fakest cry Ive ever heard too.. She’ll blink her little eyes and stare at me quietly, then closes her eyes and goes “waaaaa…”

Then she opens her eyes and looks at me with a  sheepish smile to see if it worked.

It always works ;}





017 (5)

Sickos and Helicopter Parents

14 Apr

This has been a day full of nice surprises with Layla. I LOVE when she does something new!!

This morning I was woken up by Laylas tugs and cries (we co-sleep) but I was so sleepy that I didnt wake up until a little bit after all her fussing. finally I opened my eyes nice and wide. as I looked down at my side, I see this tiny face suddenly stop in mid cries, and smile up at me with twinkle-y eyes. It’s as if she was thinking, “Yaaay! my mommy is awake now!” It was so cute!

She smiled so much at me today it was incredible! She also started smiling when I kissed her bare belly. I think shes finally becoming more ticklish. And Im sure I am THIS close to hearing her giggle soon! I cant wait. I love seeing her smile! It makes my day.

Sometimes I just stare and stare at her. I cant explain how much I love her little face. I love her so much I dont mind wiping her spit up, or changing her poop explosions.

The other morning though I did scream, but only because I wasnt expecting to wake up next to a poop explosion. I lazily looked over to my side, and smiled at my little pumpkin. Then I patted her little butt, and thought to myself, “Time to change her diaper, Im sure its just a wet one.” When suddenly my eyes caught sight of the mustard looking stuff all over her back and on my bed spread. Im not lying.. I probably looked like this:

and then I began screaming, “OH….MY…GAWD!!!” and “GOODNESS GRACIOUS!!!” over and over.

A few minutes later as I walked out to the living room with my freshly cleaned pumpkin in tow, I saw my mom sitting at the table calmly eating her breakfast. shes used to my screams. She knows Layla either puked all over me, or pooped all over me. She tells me I should try not to scream because I might scare the baby. I know shes right but its so hard not to when youre covered in any sort of slime. But I love Layla regardless. Im usually giving her tons of kisses right after. Then she looks up and smiles at me like she thinks its all very funny.

This morning I took her grocery shopping with me. Someone asked if she was a few days old–shes actually going to be two months tomorrow. Boy, if i had a dime for every time someone tells me how fast kids grow up, “–and by the time you know it theyre 18 and youre wondering what happened!” it seems like every stranger likes to tell me that exact line. but im thankful because hearing it really does make me appreciate every single day with Layla as a baby.

As I stood in the check out lane, I noticed some confusion going on with the cashier and the little old lady in front of me. finally they got it straightened out. the little old lady in front of me laughed with the middle aged cashier telling her they made a good team. She then turned to me and said, “I always come to her lane, because Im old and i am always messing up somehow, but then she messes up worse than me and always makes me feel better!” They both let out a hearty laugh. I couldn’t help joining in their laughter and also thinking about how old people always teach us something. theres huge comfort in knowing other peoples faults. especially when they are so accepting of them. its like a breath of fresh air and a reminder that we don’t have to feel so bad for not being perfect.

anyway as I was standing there in line, a tall young guy walked in and smiled at me, then made a passing comment on how tiny my baby was. I politely smiled back. a minute later, hes at the check out stand in front of me. (wow fast shopper.) As he is leaving, he just stares and smiles at me. not at my baby, but at me. sorta weird.

I finish paying and Im walking outside when I bump into the little old lady again as she was putting her groceries in her car and making kissy faces at her little poodle dog. “What a cutie!” I said, in reference to her dog. “Oh yours too! let me see her face.” So i walked back over to her and showed her Laylas face. “OH, shes beautiful…” she said breathlessly shaking her head left and right. Then of course she told me about how they grow up too fast and become teenagers. soon after, we bid each other a good day, and as I turned to walk away my eye caught sight of that same tall young guy Id seen in the store. He was in his car just watching me. It gave me a really weird vibe. As I backed out of the parking lot and drove by his car, I could feel him staring, so I looked, and he was smiling and waved goodbye. but in a slow-motion type of way.

I drove away thinking, “Oh my god, what if hes some kind of killer or psycho?” Or who knows maybe hes just a friendly guy who thinks he looks charming when he actually looks creepy. Maybe im paranoid but small mountain towns are known to have some weird people living in them. or maybe thats just what movies make us beleive. Im just glad Layla will have a safe yard to play in when she gets older since we dont have neighbors at my parents house.

The other day I was watching the news and it made me sick to know that a six year old girl was taken by a young guy in broad daylight right out of her front yard where she was playing, and was raped in a nearby empty lot. I will NEVER leave my little girl in a yard by herself. Oh hells no. too  many sickos out there. Im even careful with friends and family since usually most rape victims say they knew their attacker. I thank God I was never in any kind of situation like that, but my mother took good care of me. she didnt even let me sleep over at friends houses, even when I whined and complained. I now want to look after my little girl the same way.

Of course in moderation. I dont want to be a helicopter parent either.

Learning To Age Gracefully

13 Apr

I just turned 27 recently, and with that I have to say…I FEEL OLD DAMMIT!

But its okay, I still love myself, and life goes on. I mean, hey, I’ll always be younger than someone riiight??

*sigh but I do see the difference in being 17 versus 27.

For one, my wardrobe is definitely different. I used to shop in the pre-teen section and buy cute tops and shorts in size XL. My style has always been my own, and 10 years ago I liked wearing alot of cute colorful stuff that they only made for pre-teens.

Here i was in Disneyland having some fun with the family — It was pretty hilarious to me when a Disney store employee looked me up and down and asked if I worked in the park.


and sometimes I even went as far as dressing like this (for church.) I know its a bit over the top, but I’ve always been in love with the way women dressed in the 50’s.


I would look ridiculous if I tried dressing like that now. I mean theres just some things a girl just cant wear anymore after a certain age—like bows. I used to LOVE wearing bows in my hair. Now I enjoy putting them on my baby girl.

And just yesterday, I was questioning whether or not Im too old to wear these floral combat boots I just bought at JCPenney. I think I can slide on this one maybe.

it just hit me recently that Im questioning what looks “age-appropriate” and I never did that before! proof that Im old now.

and as if that wasnt enough, my 14 year old brother thinks I was a youngster in the 70s! lol. we’ll be watching tv, and if anything from the 70’s or 80’s comes out, he’ll turn and ask, “So is that from your time?” and Im like, “WHAT! No! haha..I wasnt even born then! Im 90’s kid sheesh.” 😛

The other day my nefus were over, and they told my 14 year old brother that they dont feel right calling him ‘uncle’ because he looks more like a ‘cousin’ to them (theyre 7 and 9) so I turned to them and asked, “do I look like an ‘aunt’ to you guys?” they quickly shook their head yes. darn.

I also notice that alot of surveys have the 20-25 year range bullet hole and then the 25+. and Im just staring at the plus sign thinking, “Man im so old Im not even in an age bracket anymore. Im just a plus sign!!”  when did that happen??

IMG (255) - Copy

Thats me at 17. (I was in a photography class in high school and we took alot of black and whites for practice.)

Really though, Im at peace with getting older. I realize my teens, and early twenties are gone, but I still have vitality, energy and health. I still have time to accomplish so much out of life. I just wish I could go back and teach my younger self what I know now about guys. Id also teach my younger self the importance of saving and investing. the good thing is I will make sure to teach my daughter these things.

As for my new late-twenties style, I have to say Im adopting more of an angelina jolie look. She dresses in really simple clothes with an elegant flair to them. It just feels right to me. I also dont wear big accessories like I used to. diamond stud earrings and a small pendant necklace is all I need/ feel comfortable wearing.

Recently I brought in my bags of pre pregnancy clothes from the storage shed my parents have. I could not believe how much clothes I have! I kind of forgot…but bygolly its alot. Its kind of sad that I have more clothes than closet space. I used to dream of a walk in closet but now I dream of just living with the basics, and getting rid of any excess. So when my mom told me about my 15 year old girl cousin in Mexico who doesnt even have shoes to wear to school, or any nice new things my heart went out to her. “Do you think you have any clothes you dont want anymore?” My mom asked me.

“Yeah,” I said thinking about all the cute clothes that I dont have any more room for in my closet. Its not that I dont want them, but Ill sacrifice giving them to someone who I love and who I know will really appreciate them.

We both agreed that every 15 year old girl deserves to feel pretty since they’re at the peak of their youth.

My mom and I want to give my cousin some shoes, make-up, and bags of clothes, hats, and purses. I hope that’ll make her happy. Ooooh Im excited just thinking about it!

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