1 Apr

Yesterday was the first day my baby started smiling back at me — Its the coolest thing in the world. I swear she has the cutest smile. and her giggle–my God, its better than the giggle from the baby on the teletubies! Im tellin ya’…i have a little ray of sunshine on my hands. She is going to spread joy and happiness everywhere she goes! I just know it.

I look out the kitchen window and i imagine what i will see in a year or two:

A wooden swing

A HUGE sandbox with lots of toys

A little play house


a Barbie Jeep

A slide


and a little pool.



my friends daughter is just two months older than Layla so we’ve concluded that they will be bffs 🙂

I picture my little Layla and her pal Tiffany playing out in the yard while i prepare them mini sandwiches and juice.

I think of all the fun things i want to do with Layla, all the places i want to take her to, and all the love i want to give her.

I want to be the best mom ever.


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