Learning To Age Gracefully

13 Apr

I just turned 27 recently, and with that I have to say…I FEEL OLD DAMMIT!

But its okay, I still love myself, and life goes on. I mean, hey, I’ll always be younger than someone riiight??

*sigh but I do see the difference in being 17 versus 27.

For one, my wardrobe is definitely different. I used to shop in the pre-teen section and buy cute tops and shorts in size XL. My style has always been my own, and 10 years ago I liked wearing alot of cute colorful stuff that they only made for pre-teens.

Here i was in Disneyland having some fun with the family — It was pretty hilarious to me when a Disney store employee looked me up and down and asked if I worked in the park.


and sometimes I even went as far as dressing like this (for church.) I know its a bit over the top, but I’ve always been in love with the way women dressed in the 50’s.


I would look ridiculous if I tried dressing like that now. I mean theres just some things a girl just cant wear anymore after a certain age—like bows. I used to LOVE wearing bows in my hair. Now I enjoy putting them on my baby girl.

And just yesterday, I was questioning whether or not Im too old to wear these floral combat boots I just bought at JCPenney. I think I can slide on this one maybe.

it just hit me recently that Im questioning what looks “age-appropriate” and I never did that before! proof that Im old now.

and as if that wasnt enough, my 14 year old brother thinks I was a youngster in the 70s! lol. we’ll be watching tv, and if anything from the 70’s or 80’s comes out, he’ll turn and ask, “So is that from your time?” and Im like, “WHAT! No! haha..I wasnt even born then! Im 90’s kid sheesh.” 😛

The other day my nefus were over, and they told my 14 year old brother that they dont feel right calling him ‘uncle’ because he looks more like a ‘cousin’ to them (theyre 7 and 9) so I turned to them and asked, “do I look like an ‘aunt’ to you guys?” they quickly shook their head yes. darn.

I also notice that alot of surveys have the 20-25 year range bullet hole and then the 25+. and Im just staring at the plus sign thinking, “Man im so old Im not even in an age bracket anymore. Im just a plus sign!!”  when did that happen??

IMG (255) - Copy

Thats me at 17. (I was in a photography class in high school and we took alot of black and whites for practice.)

Really though, Im at peace with getting older. I realize my teens, and early twenties are gone, but I still have vitality, energy and health. I still have time to accomplish so much out of life. I just wish I could go back and teach my younger self what I know now about guys. Id also teach my younger self the importance of saving and investing. the good thing is I will make sure to teach my daughter these things.

As for my new late-twenties style, I have to say Im adopting more of an angelina jolie look. She dresses in really simple clothes with an elegant flair to them. It just feels right to me. I also dont wear big accessories like I used to. diamond stud earrings and a small pendant necklace is all I need/ feel comfortable wearing.

Recently I brought in my bags of pre pregnancy clothes from the storage shed my parents have. I could not believe how much clothes I have! I kind of forgot…but bygolly its alot. Its kind of sad that I have more clothes than closet space. I used to dream of a walk in closet but now I dream of just living with the basics, and getting rid of any excess. So when my mom told me about my 15 year old girl cousin in Mexico who doesnt even have shoes to wear to school, or any nice new things my heart went out to her. “Do you think you have any clothes you dont want anymore?” My mom asked me.

“Yeah,” I said thinking about all the cute clothes that I dont have any more room for in my closet. Its not that I dont want them, but Ill sacrifice giving them to someone who I love and who I know will really appreciate them.

We both agreed that every 15 year old girl deserves to feel pretty since they’re at the peak of their youth.

My mom and I want to give my cousin some shoes, make-up, and bags of clothes, hats, and purses. I hope that’ll make her happy. Ooooh Im excited just thinking about it!


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