Where Did I Leave It?? :(

18 Apr

Layla had her first play date/ trip to the park today. Why is it that every simple but new thing a baby does is so ground shaking exciting?? I dont know. IT JUST IS. lol.

Im really excited that my little girl has a friend already. I cant wait till they’re able to start interacting with each other. Its also pretty cool that my friend is so much like me when it comes to the emotions of parenting. We LOVE our baby’s but were pretty easy going about some things. sometimes we let them cry it out, and sometimes we give them a piece of paper to play with, or I personally have Layla stare at the wall in our room for stimulation (its a 3 striped wall with circled mirrors and big flower pictures. I feel that’s a cheaper alternative to buying toys for now.)

I dont enjoy letting her cry it out but when I have an appointment to keep, I get ready as fast as possible, while hearing her cries. Its stressful no doubt, but I just get through it as quickly as possible while trying not to poke my eye out with the eyeliner. and for some reason shes usually hungry right as im getting ready for church or a doctors appointment ! I wish I could drop everything and just be like, “Well you know, my baby was crying.” but unfortunately there are some things I cannot be late to. well being a mom…its more like, there are things I cannot miss. I seem to struggle with being on time ever since having a baby! Its really hard. but I console myself with at least being “fashionably late.”

After our trip to the park, I ran a few errands. I stopped by the post office to mail off some letters, one being my ‘paid family leave form’ so I could continue receiving benefits for another 6 weeks. WELL I could not find the darn thing! I came home and looked everywhere for it. I looked through my purse, through my trash can, and even under my bed which has nothing underneath but a pair of slippers. and NOTHING. I layed on my bed defeated. and then without warning my eyes just shut closed and I fell asleep.

next thing I know, Im waking up looking for my baby and didnt see her anywhere and FREAKED OUT! (I had forgotten that she was asleep in her rocker sleeper out in the living room.)  I screamed bloody murder. “MOM!!!!! MOM!!!!!!!” In the next second I hear my moms foot steps running down the hall to my room to see whats wrong. She walks into my room with a petrified look on her face. “Wheres my baby??!” I asked half asleep. “Shes in the living room sleeping in her rocker sleeper remember?” I was instantly relieved, nodded calmly, said, “Oh..” then went back to sleep. I have no idea why I woke up looking for her like that.

Something funny Layla likes to do is throw her head and body back and look at things upside down. I have NO IDEA WHY but I just go along with it and entertain her. I sit her on my lap, then wait for her to throw herself back, and hold her as she looks at the world upside down. after a few seconds i bring her back up. she looks around for a second, then throws herself back and down we go. She turns her neck to get a good view all around, and is pretty flexible not to mention strong like an ox. I asked her doctor if this was normal. He said it was, but Im still not too sure. Maybe shes going to be a gymnast? Who knows.

Well I still have not found the letter to EDD for the extension of my benefits. Its driving me crazy. I mean if I had a messy room Id have more hope, but the problem is I keep everything really organized, so that everything’s easier to find. Its not really helping right now.

P.S. The lady working at the post office told me to enjoy my baby because they grow up too fast and are 18 “before you know it.” I always pretend its the first time im hearing it 😉


2 Responses to “Where Did I Leave It?? :(”

  1. Dead Men Don't Snore April 18, 2013 at 11:03 am #

    I also used to throw myself backwards as a baby to look at the world upside-down. The bigger I got the more often I was dropped by the unsuspecting adult holding me at the time. My parents were constantly having to reassure panicked friends that they weren’t the first.

    • rainbows123 April 19, 2013 at 8:51 pm #

      I guess it is normal after all! I just hope youre ok from all the head droppings lol..

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