Life of a Single Mom

27 Apr

Oh.My.GOD. have I been busy…

My parents left for a trip to Colorado this week, so Ive been holding down the fort.

Awww aren’t they cute??

Denver CO.

I’ve been cooking, cleaning, taking my brother to school, grocery shopping, and organizing the kitchen, taking care of Layla, changing her diapers, feeding her, and playing with her. Dont get me wrong —I love being a mom, and I love doing all these things, but DEAR LORD Its exhausting when you dont get a break! Why dont moms get PAID?? I can honestly say there is WAY more work to be done when you’re a mom than with any regular job. Of course some moms dont actually do the work, but I do. I just dont liked doing anything “half-assed” you know?? I dont want to ever be “mediocre” at something I could’ve been great at. That being said you can bet your two dollars I try my best to be a “Pinterest type-Mom”. I love cooking, and decorating and making pretty things. I just like to put smiles on peoples faces. annnnd ok..I love the compliments.

Anyway, last night I was watching American Idol (MY FAVORITE SHOW evaaaa *makes excited hand gestures*) I gotta say though, this years AI is a little boring (shrug) but its like pizza…even when its not that good, its still good.

The top 4 contestants from left to right: Candace, Angie, Kree, Amber.

I was feeding Layla and watching the show when Amber started singing. Layla stopped eating, and almost didnt blink. She had this look on her face like, “Oh my god… wait. what am I hearing?” She was really captured by Ambers ‘Celion Dion’ number.

I have a good feeling Layla will be singing as soon as she learns how to talk. Her grandma (on her dads side) has an amazing voice, her dad has an amazing voice (he got signed by a record label right before we broke up), my parents have great singing voices, and well…Ive been told I can sing well too. My little brother has told me I should audition for American Idol.

Today on our way to his school, he heard me singing bruno mars’ new song “when I was your man” and said, “wow you can really hit those high notes!” I’ve always loved singing, I just never thought I was really any good at it, but maybe I was wrong. maybe Im not that bad. Still though, I woudnt ever audition for American Idol. Im happy singing in my car and focusing on my other dreams.

All Im gonna say on American Idol is that I love Angie, and Amber. Candace can REALLY sing, but shes just not my favorite. Kree is so country sweet, and she has pipes as well, but honestly I wouldn’t listen to her music. Just not my style. I love Ambers confidence, and bravado. GET IT GIRL. but seriously I second Keith urbans comment…someone needs to drop the mic stand, or jump around a little. Its too stale. They just stand and sing. C’mon, shake it up ladies, we wanna be entertained. As far as the judges go, I know Nicki is crazy but she entertains me (“Hold up honey bubu child”) and Mariah is effortlessly elegant when she speaks. I love it.

changing the topic…I NEED A VACATION. a mani-pedi, a spa, a massage — ANYTHING.  I’m just so exhausted from today. This is what my day went like:

7:00 am –wake up, change Laylas Diaper, feed her. brush my teeth, get myself ready, pack my bag with Laylas stuff.

8:00 am –Got my baby in her bunny winter suit, put her in the car and drove my little brother to school.

Not a happy bunny =/

9:00 am –went grocery shopping for a few items at my local grocery store with Layla.

10:00 am–got home, put groceries away, fed Layla.

11:00 am–changed Laylas Diaper, fed her again.

12:00 pm–Put Layla in the car, and drove to the next city to get more groceries (I put babyface on “every time I close my eyes” and it seems to be a hit with Layla–she goes to sleep when I play that song and I get to drive stress free all the way to the next town. Thank you babyface.)

1:00 pm –I arrive at wally-world. time to do some more grocery shopping in between carrying Layla in my arms and pushing the shopping cart because I forgot my sling and she wont stay in her car seat without screaming. helloooo motherhood.

2:00 pm– we are done and I head over to the Lowes parking lot where I meet up with two people who are interested in my items that I put up for sale on good ol’ craigslist. (In case you didnt know I’m a craigslister. Oh yeah. I can hustle baby.)

She melts my heart..

3:00 pm– Items were sold and Im ready to head back home (I had fed Layla while I waited for the interested buyers to arrive, and had some beautiful moments with my little pumpkin. I seriously LOVE when she stares right at me and smiles. My heart wants to burst open with happiness.)

4:00 pm– I arrive home, put groceries away, clean the dish washer full of gunk, clean out both freezers, throw out the garbage, start making dinner, feed Layla twice, and then FINALLY get to settle down 4 hours later.

8:00 pm– Dinners ready. Its a late dinner but no ones going to complain. Ive been bustin’ my butt all day!  My little brother tells me its the “best chicken” hes ever had. I would’ve settled for “good” but “best chicken” hes ever had was pretty nice to hear. Its a recipe I made up with some of my favorite ingredients. I’ll probably make a blog with the recipe soon.

Now, Im on Pinterest looking at recipes and other things, as well as blogging, and facebooking a little. THIS is my “spa”, my “get away” if you will. And yet my little brothers keep coming in my room interrupting my little vacation time…ugh lol.

My other 17 year old brother just told me about all the fun things he’ll be doing this weekend and the next weekend and the next….

party, concert, camping, fun college event, SixFlags, ect.

Sounds nice…..sigh. *insert sad face*

I miss having fun. At the moment though I have alot on my plate.

My dad wants me to help my mom with organizing the house. My mom has a great personality and she’s beautiful (a classic beauty with breath taking eyes) but doing “house wife tasks” isnt really her thing. On the other hand, I actually enjoy home decorating, organizing and cooking. Currently our kitchen cabinets are a mess. completely disorganized and full of all kinds of crap. So of course I said I would take over and whip it right into shape. I just wish I had more time to do it! Its a big project.

Basically I am going to make our house look as perfect as a magazine home. I get excited about turning a house into something that looks like a model home but re-organizing and re-modeling a home, while cleaning, cooking, doing laundry and taking care of a two month old is exhausting. still, Im killing myself because I know when my parents get back from their trip my dad will expect to have left seeing the “before” and come back to see the “after”. I dont want to dissapoint him.

On monday I start work again!!– I took my dads offer. I’ll be working with my sister in the office. My dad even said I could bring Layla to work so I bought an extra swing and put it in the office already. I know its a little weird to walk into an office and see a baby swing but hey, my dad suggested it. He probably just wants to see his granddaughter more lol. I dont blame him.


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