Im Worried

8 May

My mom is sick. She thinks she might have leukemia.

I dont want her to be sick…shes not supposed to be sick. Shes supposed to be healthy and live a long time. This is isnt suppose to happen.

She even talks about her dying. It makes me mad. WHY is she talking about death like shes giving up? Why would she just t hrow in the towel so soon?? I dont know what to do to help her. I feel frustrated.

Onto other news, my dad is hiring someone to put down tile flooring in our house. He wants it done before next month because next month hes planning a family reunion at our house. That’ll be fun. We’ve never had a family reunion. I cant wait 🙂 !

But it means this will be a busy busy month for me since I have less than 30 days to make this a reunion everyone will remember. I live for the small details 😉

Im off to go fold laundry. and get some sleep. I swear I dont know how I function with the little sleep I get. taking care of a baby and working a job is hard. I just push myself mentally to keep going. I do it for my precious pumpkin. Gotta take care of her, and make that money.


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