11 May

The firefighters came to my house yesterday.

A neighbor must have called and told them something was burning.

I live up on a hill, and my uncle (whos more of a grandpa to me) was burning a ton of wood in the deep pit outside which sent up alarming amounts of smoke in the air.

I was peacefully breastfeeding my baby in my room when my mom rushes in and nervously exclaimed, “They’re here!!”

I got up quickly and worriedly asked, “Whos here??!”

“The fire fighters! Hurry, go out there! Theyre talking to your uncle!”

My uncle doesnt speak much english, but that doesnt stop him from making large hand gestures and making spanish words sound english-y. He’s quite a character. Although he is amusing to watch, I feared the firefighters would lose their patience with him.

I ran out there before I realized the tight black top I was wearing was completely SEE THROUGH. And I was wearing a pink bra underneath!

UM….can you say EMBARRASSING??

As I stood there next to the fire fighters I dared not to look down and see just how see through everything looked. I could feel the sun hitting me brightly with its rays of sunshine, surely exposing my see through top even more but i refused to think that they were all looking at my pink bra.

I noticed little smiles though on the fire fighters faces, and one fire fighter who sat in their big red truck kept looking over excitedly, until he finally got off and joined the others around me. I wondered why he looked so excited. Then I told myself not to answer that.

They asked me what we were doing with the smoke and the pit. When I explained we were going to use it to cook goats meat, they said it was ok, but we would need to put the grill on it, otherwise its illegal burning. I told my uncle he needed to put the grill on it, and he said he would…after the wood finished burning. They told me he needed to put it on the pit right away. My uncle said he would! he would! ….as soon as the wood finished burning. 

“Ok, I’m going to tell you to tell your uncle like this: Put the grill on it now or we’ll have to give you a ticket.”

As soon as I told my uncle that, he quickly said, “Oh yes! Lets put the grill on it right now!”

The tall lanky fire fighter looked at me and said everything was fine now, and just asked for names, and the address of our home for record purposes. Then he apologized and said he didnt mean to be a “hard ass”, he just had to come up and make sure everything was ok. He seemed to feel bad that I might think he had been a “hard ass.” The other fire fighter quickly came over, and assured me we weren’t in trouble or anything. Then they played with my little Maltese dog who was lapping up the attention. I just wanted to know everything was fine and run back inside.

I had never felt more embarrassed in my life!! well wait. there was the time I wore a tight white dress with rainbow heart underwear, and I had no idea the dress was see through. yup. that was embarrassing….


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