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A Ring For My Mother

28 May

Im not dead but my phone is. I accidentally dropped it this weekend…it cracked, the screen doesn’t work, therefore I am declaring my phone dead….it took horrible pictures. I will not miss it.


Life has been CRAZY busy lately…..I love blogging, I just wish I had more time—seriously!

Just wanted to make a quick post to say that baby Layla has started alot of first’s in the past few days!! The one that really gets me is yesterdays–she started to giggle!!!! OH MY GOD!!!! it was ahh-DO-rable…*loud sigh. I love my baby =) Shes 3.5 months now.

This weekend is our first family reunion at my parents house (yes, we’ve never had one before. like ever.) my dad said we should have one before someone dies. eh. thats a good reason.

There is SO much were doing to our house to get it in tip top shape, as well as the landscaping. Its stressful but I think everything will look nice by this saturday. fingers crossed.

my dad is going to surprise my mom with a ring this saturday. She lost her wedding ring, and has wanted a new one for a while now. so he wants to get her one. I had to be sneaky and figure out her ring size. she doesnt suspect anything as of yet. I also want to go with my dad to help pick it out, since my mom is very picky about that kind of stuff.

I got this idea…..hopefully my dad likes it. We buy a broom, wrap it up in a box, and have my mom open it at the reunion in front of all our family. As soon as she sees what it is, her face will be priceless, but then my dad will come in with the real present, and everyone will laugh, and “ooh” and “ahh” over the ring.  what do you think?

Ok, well I gotta run and get ready for work, because me and my little one have to make that mula! hopefully Ill be able to blog again soon because I have words dying to pour outta me! who needs a shrink when you have a blog right?? haha, talk to you soon.


my progress 3.5 weeks after having Layla. I dont diet or exercise, but I do breastfeed.


Layla doing tummy time on my desk.


she is SUCH a grandpas girl 😉


this is how we work sometimes (no joke)


my happy girl!!


the love of my life.


スマホエロス 無料エロ動画まとめ



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