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Precious Moments

2 Jul

I just want more time to love my baby. I love laying with her on my bed breastfeeding her with the window open and the cool breeze blowing in (i live in a rural area and dont have neighbors.) As she lays next to me, she has one arm behind her head, completely relaxed and her other little hand clutches my breast as if to make sure no one takes her food from her. Her little legs are slightly crossed, her tiny toes touching my legs. Her skin is so baby soft and smooth. I love to take her little hand and run my fingers over it sometimes. Its amazing how small her hand is compared to mine. But its more than that. I marvel at how beautiful her little fingers are. I just love them.
I kiss her forehead gently as she starts to fall asleep while nursing. Sometimes I sing the itsy bitsy spider to her, but I forget the words and end up humming it.
I really need to learn the words to these nursery songs haha.
Work was hectic today just because layla is teething and was screaming/crying all day at the office. I was on the phone with our computer tech when she started crying so loud that I could no longer hear him. I apologized, and then quickly hung up. I didnt even wait for him to say good bye. I decided to take her home early and we watched a movie together at home- Some country movie with gwyneth paltrow and leighton meester. It was pretty sad…made me cry at the end. But hey at least I got to watch a whole movie today!
Hopefully layla has a better day tommorow-she seemed like she was in alot of pain today, poor thing. I hope her two bottom teeth cut through soon-shes gonna look so cute with her lil chompers haha!


Getting our outfits ready for work in the morning


Her first doll


My lil sunshine


I Got Pulled Over By A Cop

9 Jun

He was right behind me as I pulled into the exit I take to go home.  I was going at the speed limit required when suddenly I see the red and blue lights flashing behind me. my jaw dropped open in astonishment. YOU GOTTA BE KIDDIN ME! what did i do?? I couldn’t pull over because we were reaching a curve so he used his loud speaker to tell me to pull over after the curve. When he came up to my window he asked what was going on with my registration — my stickers were expired. Ohhhhh...that. 


Somehow I always feel like Im going to be taken to jail when I get pulled over. When I was 5, I thought the cops came to  my house looking to take me to jail because I had stolen a small candy at the store. I quickly ran and hid under my bed and prayed to Jesus. They were there to ask questions about some neighbors. Im just paranoid I guess.

Anyway the cop gave me a “fix it ticket”. I guess thats not such a bad thing. It doesnt sound so bad anyway. I just have to fix it right? I swear though, he must’ve been bored. Cops get bored up in this small town. He was so bored he noticed my sticker. ugh. but whatever I guess I’ll get my registration fixed. Honestly though I have no luck with cops!  I suck at getting out of tickets! Like, how do other girls do it???


Anyway, Laylas swing stopped working because the batteries went dead. As I changed them out while she sat in her swing, a huge D size battery fell and hit my foot. OW ! that hurt! but my mom who was standing by just said, “Oh, Im glad it didn’t hit Layla. You should be more careful — you could’ve hit her!” I got a little annoyed that no one cared about my hurt foot. “yes I know, Ill be more careful…” I said in a sullen voice. I dont want to feel this way, but gosh no one cares if my foot gets hit by a 10 pound battery??? You know I am still alive people ! I feel things too!

Layla started teething FOR SURE this week. Shes been munching on her fingers and drooling. I really think the amber necklace is working though — She had been so grumpy and fussy for days. then I put the necklace on her and WU-ALA! she’s back to her smiley happy self. She seems to be in discomfort at times but overall its a big improvement from past days. If you’re not familiar with the amber necklace, its a natural analgesic that releases succinic acid through the amber beads when the heat of your body touches them. Its a natural pain reliever. Recently Miranda Kerr’s son was seen wearing an Amber necklace. Isnt he cute?? In my opinion he had no choice with the parents he has!


After work yesterday I stopped by the little grocery store close to where I live to buy Layla some teething toys. She didnt have any toys until now because it seemed like a waste of money. So it felt kind of special to buy her some toys for the first time. We must’ve stood in front of all the baby toys forever trying to choose the best ones. I wanted to get Layla a cute sippy cup but I held myself back –shes not there yet. the time will come for sippy cup shopping.



showing off her two-pack

I chose a ring of colorful keys, and a pink teething rattle. As I stood in line to pay, the guy behind me looked me in the eye and asked how my day was. It was refreshing for a stranger to ask me, I’ll admit. But then again thats how people are in this small town — very friendly. When I saw him limping on a leg I just had to ask what happened. Turns out he fell out of a moving vehicle going at 40 MPH. His foot looked black and purple, and his arms and shoulders were badly hurt, but the blood looked like it had dried up already. His girlfriend laughed it off — she was the one driving. Soon everyone joined in the conversation — the tall obese bearded man and his obese wife wearing a low cut tank top standing in our line, the tan guy with the piercings, the lady with a small child in front of me, and the check out ladies. The guy with the piercings made jokes that he should stop saying he fell out of a car and just admit his girlfriend beat him. ha ha…I love my small little town.


“OMYGossssh…what is this marvelous thing?!”

When I got home my mom put some tequila on Laylas gums to soothe her. It worked really well. Layla was happy after that. I was going to use hylands teething tablets but after the news that came out about recalls I just dont feel good about using them anymore — even if the recall problem was ‘fixed’. Tequila is typically used in mexico to soothe babies gums when their teething. I am not thrilled to use Tequila but it beats using the hyland tablets.

I think she’s on the verge of making sounds. Today she looked at me and said, “Ahgoo..” She seemed pretty proud of herself. I cant wait till she says “mama” !!!


you wouldn’t believe it but a friend actually told me the other day, “I know how you must feel. you do so much — you work and take care of your baby.” She nodded her head and looked at me compassionately. I hadn’t even told her what I was going through and she said that to me! I felt like something was lifted off of me just hearing her sympathetic words. It was just a few simple words…but they revitalized me. Someone knew what I was feeling and acknowledged it. That is all I wanted.


Me and Layla leaving for work in the morning

Last night something freaky happened —or should I say early this morning at 2 am. I was up feeding Layla and going through the local news on my phone *which by the way I got a Galaxy S ll!!! so excited –the camera is incredible!!! anyway, I read that Richard Ramirez died from health complications in jail. I didnt know who he was until I came across that news article. Turns out he was the most feared serial killer in southern California in the 80’s. He is super freaky looking and so is the woman who later married him while he was in jail. I got chills reading everything about him. Maybe I shouldn’t be reading this at 2 am I thought to myself. But I was intrigued. How did I not know about this infamous serial killer ? A few minutes later my dog started barking loudly. It was strange for her to bark inside the house at 2 am. Shes usually asleep on the couch until the morning.

I opened the door to my room, and saw her barking at something in the hallway close to my door. But there was nothing there. She looked scared so I let her come in my room. she walked around my room looking unsettled. I rubbed her tummy to calm her. Still she breathed heavily with her tounge out and her chest heaving. Id never seen her like this. she looked really scared. to be honest I felt a little bit of chills too. I got up and turned my lamp on and looked for my bible. As soon as I started reading Psalms out loud, my dog seemed to calm down and fell asleep within a few minutes.

I dont know what all that was about but I dont think I should read about serial killers at 2 am anymore.

My parents and I are going to visit people we know from our old home town tomorrow. I haven’t been back in years. So its a little nerve wrecking. Somehow there was always a rumor about me floating around. And then I gave people things to talk about too– which only made things worse. When one person let out the gossip that I was pregnant last year, it went around like a forest fire. Which I was not pleased about but I just shrugged it off. I guess I would be proud if I had been married and pregnant but I was, and still am, single. I didn’t want their pity.

Anyway I am not thrilled about facing the crowd as a single mom. It makes me feel like a failure. They’ll all be looking at what Im wearing and how I look post baby and wondering why Im single. But you know what? Who cares if they look down on me. I’ll just focus on the people who are genuinely happy to see me. I know I dont have to go but I know my dad wants me and my baby to go and I want him to be happy. Im pretty sure he just wants to show Layla off ha ha.


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